4 Doubles Drills To Help Your Game

4 Doubles Drills To Help Your Game

All tennis players experience both singles and doubles tennis, some prefer one to the other. But if you are thinking of developing your doubles game then you must work on specific drills to help you.

Good tennis pairings have to add qualities that are different than a single player would perhaps use. These would include good chemistry, and unselfish manner, etc.

The best way for a doubles team to develop is to practice “doubles-specific” drills with your partner. Following are some great drills that you and your partner can practise to improve your game.

The Line & Cross Drill

For this drill you will have to enlist another doubles team. With all four players set at the baseline, then rally one ball among all the players using a definate hitting pattern. One team will hit cross-court, while the opposition hit down the line.

Keep up the pattern and try to keep the ball in play for as long as possible. One player shouts “change” and then swap play.

Net Play Drill

This drill is to develop quick reflexes, and focuses on volley play. Again for this drill there will have to be two teams. Each pairing should be roughly 10 feet from their respective sides of the net. One player feeds the ball into play, and then the opposite side responds with a volley. The idea is the ball should be volleyed back and forth across the net until each player has hit at least three volleys.

2 Up & 2 Back Drill

Again a drill for two teams, one pair are positioned at the net whilst the other pair stand on the baseline.The ball is fed in and the players respond by hitting various shots from their positions. Count how many points are won and then change positions at ten and continue the drill.

Who’s Ball?

A third person, coach or friend is required on the other side of the net to you and your partner. As he throws the balls in, practise communicating with your partner who takes the ball.
The balls coming in should be varied with different speeds, placements, angles so you are not comfortable which type of ball is coming in. This way you have to talk to your partner and make quick decisions.

The only way that you and your partner can develop a chemistry as a pairs team is by practising together often. Your tennis coach will think up new drills to bring the required level of development to your weaker areas.

Doubles tennis is all about consideration and communication, you must trust your partner and encourage them if they make a mistake. The same will apply when you make errors, which you definitely will.