Be Flexible Try An Option

Be Flexible Try An Option

Most players think there are only two options when playing tennis and that is, to go for a winner by hitting the ball away from the opponent or by playing consistent by only hitting the ball at their opponent.

However, the best advice is not to go into a match having already chosen how you will play, you need flexibility to cover all eventualities.

This means the majority of the time, play the percentages and wait for the correct opening to arise. Attempting to hit winners occasionally from difficult positions is okay, but do not build a game strategy around this.

Tactics And Game Play

One of the difficulties in learning strategies is to be adaptable, most players prefer black and white options for every situation and stick to this. The problem with this is that there is always nuances in the game and different circumstances that will arise.

You must have a general game play tied to your skills but not be afraid to modify this if the situation alters and if your game is not up to scratch.

Most players game play fluctuates during the actual match, some greater than others, some from good to terrible. When you are playing well everything you hit seems to come off, but when you are not playing well you might need to retract into a more percentage game.

Adding Options To Your Play

Don’t consider there are only two options to a situation (black and white), there must be some neutral ground in between, think of a third option. The next time you play and you do not have a clear cut chance to hit a winner, then don’t think “winner” and try to win the shot.

This is actually termed working a point, when you cannot hit a clear winner then work your opponent around the court and make them hit as many balls as possible. Often they will make an unforced error and is a great strategy.

Don’t Do The Predictable

If you are playing a familiar opponent then there is a good chance they will know your game, this is the same case if a stranger has worked your strategy out early in a match.

Think outside the box, play percentage tennis until you can work a new strategy out to win. There are many options you can consider, these include weaknesses of your opponent.
This might not specifically down to his shot play, it could be his temperament or by wearing him down to force an error.

Working on your strategy is something best done in conjunction with a good tennis coach that knows your game well. You can work on options of tactics and when you should change strategies.