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Win With Statistics

You don’t have to be an expert to know that post match analysis and comparing statistics about your games does highlight elements of your performance.

Where you played well and the parts you made mistakes. Often your coach will study your performance in a match situation and go through it with you soon after the game.

Detailed statistics can tell you almost the entire story about a tennis match. Improving your game requires much practice and drills however, simple ideas can be a boon.

The particular statistic we focus on in this blog is to do with serving. When you win the toss in Tennis you get to choose whether or not you want to start the first set as the server or receiver.

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Controlling Emotions On Court

How many times have you been told by your coach or by tennis partners to calm down between points or when you have had a bad call against you. However, this is far easy to say than to do.

There are two main reasons why you should remain calm.

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Justine Henin Game Analysis

Watching and studying the pro’s as they play and trying to replicate their shots, strategies and game plan is a good way of developing your own game. You can go through a video of games with your coach, study great players like Justine Henin and focus on what they are doing.

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The Importance Of Physical Intensity In Your Game

Good tennis players practice optimising their technique which on average is the most important component that hold players back from progressing. But another way of becoming a better player is to practice with your coach playing with a great deal of physical intensity.

Watching pro’s practice you will see what physical intensity really is, these players constantly challenge themselves physically by drilling over and over game. When you practice, you must break sweat and put effort in, concentrate on the details of your game and work hard.

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Problems Of Competitive Tennis Training

Problems Of Competitive Tennis Training

Playing tennis involves many factors and if you want to improve to play at a higher level then social playing will probably only take you to an adequate level.

To become a better player to compete in competitions successfully then training is a prerequisite, either with a qualified coach or an experienced player.

Proper training involves drills and match play both in a competitive and non-competitive environment. Competitive training includes all sorts of drills and exercises where you keep score and a tally, but this sort of training does also have disadvantages, which inevitably will show themselves if a player engages in competitive situations that put him under pressure.

Non-competitive training is part of a perfect balancing act that helps negate the negative consequences of lots of training under pressure. They can produce a smooth, steady technique and a calm mind.

The problems that can occur from too competitive training are:-

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How To Learn From The Pros

Obviously by watching the pro’s playing can definitely improve your own game, you can pick up tips on technique, style, how to play shots and temperament and concentration.

Even professional players have ups and downs in their careers, they too have been through many different events, injuries, personal and relationship problems. Most have come through these challenges and overcome them.

What you cannot easily observe watching the pro’s is their mental game. And you have to bear in mind that professional players do not play social tennis, every day is spent improving their tennis game whether that means working on technique, tactics, physical preparation or mental training.

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How To Build Self Confidence

Playing individual type sports involves a great deal of self confidence, in tennis you only have yourself or one other partner to keep motivated.

You need to enter a singles game or match believing that you will win and this demands a great deal of self confidence.

If you want to build self confidence it helps if you know what it actually is. It is a belief and faith within yourself and that you will be successful in some task in the near future.

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Tipping The Scales In Tennis

Tipping The Scales In Tennis

How can a tennis match swing so greatly from one side to another, one game ending at 6 – 1 and the next 1 – 6?

If you look at a pair of scales that is evenly balanced with one kilo on each side, just by placing a 5 gram weight on either side will make the scales tip all the way down on that side, not a little bit.

This is the same in tennis, when somebody is just a little bit better, he can easily win by a large margin, this does not mean all the points were easy, but the slightly better player won most of them eventually. Continue Reading

The Most Difficult Thing In Tennis


Tennis is a complex sport utilising; skill, agility, power and strength, mental control, technical prowess and many other assorted qualities.

The sport throws up many different challenges but which is the most difficult?

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Australian Tennis

Is Your Child Playing Tennis The Way You Want

Do you have concerns the way your child is progressing in playing tennis? Is his talent being used to the full and is his behaviour sporting and polite.

Tennis World North Ryde has excellent coaching facilities and the pro’s will nurture your child along. But there are some things that a parent should be aware of and can do to help the situation.

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