Volley Tips

Focus On Your Feet Not Your Arm

Many players playing their shots focus on their arm hitting the ball. When it comes to volleys there is no difference, especially when players are at the net.
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Serving Tips

Serving is the first shot played in a game, and therefore it is the most important shot, because if you cannot execute it correctly then you will lose every game love-forty.

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Non-Competitive Tennis Training

The idea of non-competitive training is to help improve areas of your game that you don’t normally get a chance to work on in competitive situations.

There are two basic ways to achieve this, firstly by not keeping score and secondly just to enjoy playing shots and getting the feel of what is correct.

Your tennis coach can help you out in both situations, but mostly playing fun games socially with friends or other club members.
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Roger Federer – Game Analysis

Studying footage of the pro’s playing can really give you tips and advice on how the top players manage to produce certain shots, and how they control their temperament.

Perhaps one of the masters of the modern game is an ideal candidate for this. Roger Federer is one of the greatest tennis players of all time, his movement about the court is graceful and his shot selection ideal.

A good idea to study Roger is with your tennis coach, and you can both discuss what are the biggest fundamental differences between Roger’s game and your own.

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Serena Williams – Game Analysis

Serena Williams – Game Analysis

Breaking down Serena Williams game will give a lot of pointers to many aspiring tennis players. A good idea is to go through footage of her game with your tennis coach and see if there are any aspects of Serena’s game that you too can utilise.

Amazingly Serena did not play a great deal of junior tennis, her father encouraging her to focus on her academic school studies.

Once she got on the professional ladder things progressed quickly. After only her second year on the pro circuit, she finished 4th in the world. Subsequently she has become one of the best female players of all time.

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April 2017 Holiday Camps

We have all of the holidays covered, with plenty of tennis, sports and excursions! Camps are 9am – 3pm, however we can provide care from 7.30am – 6pm!

The dates for our camps are…

Camp 1: Monday 10th April – Thursday 13th April 2017

Camp 2: Tuesday 18th April – Friday 21st April 2017

Camp 3: Monday 24th April 2017


Click here to visit our Holiday Camps page

ANZ Tennis Hotshots

Hot Shots Challenge

Our Term 1 Hot Shots Challenge has been set for Sunday the 26th March 2017.

Come and join us on this awesome afternoon of tennis.

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Hot Shots Challenge

Our Term 4 Hot Shots Challenge is set for Sunday 20th November 2016.

The challenge is a great way for tennis world students to experience matchplay and put their coaching and tennis skills to use. It is a friendly competition and a great afternoon for the whole family to enjoy. Download Form.

Holiday Camps

Our December/January Holiday Camps are fast approaching with our first camp just over a month away! For more info, click here.

Hot Shots Challenge 19th June

Our next Hot Shots Challenge will take place Sunday 19th June 2016. The challenge is a great way for kids to experience some match play and put their skills from lessons into practice. With different age groups available it is a fun day for both parents and children.

Click on the link below for all the details about the day and the registration form

Hot Shots Challenge June 19th 2016