Drills To Help Your Tennis Game

Drills To Help Your Tennis Game

A great deal of tennis technique depends on repetition, that is repetition of the physical movement and shot, and repetition of the brain so it retains the information.

That is why tennis coaches favour tennis drills so much, they get you to practice the same thing over and over again until it becomes second nature.

In this blog we highlight some really good drills that will definitely help your game if you introduce them into your practice.

Deep Rally

Players often fail to consistently hit deep into court, but hitting short gives the advantage to the opponent. This drill is designed to make the player more comfortable hitting deeper and longer strokes.

  1. The aim of the drill is to have each player hit the ball past the service line a certain amount of times in a row.
  2. Before starting the rally, set a goal of 10 balls in a row. This means each player must hit the ball past the service line five times in a row before ending the drill.
  3. Once the target is achieved, change the number from 10 to 20 and so on.

Down The Line Cross Court

This drill forces each player to hit the ball in a designated area, regardless of where the players are on the court. The drill forces the players to get into position whilst staying in control of their shot.

  1. One player hits down the line, and the other returns cross-court.
  2. Select a limited number of shots, not less than 10.
  3. After ten minutes swap over.

The Approach Shot

Many players only train hitting groundstrokes from the baseline, this drill forces the player to hit balls from different positions.

  1. Both players hit five or six balls in a rally.
  2. After the last ball, the players must approach any ball that does not cross the service line.
  3. The player attacking the short ball must hit an approach shot and come to the net. If he fails to do so, he loses the point.
  4. The first to 11 wins.

Down The Alley

Down the Alley drill limits the size of the court to just on doubles alley, with a set number of hits required per rally in the designated area. This improves consistency.

  1. Each player stands in the doubles alley directly across from their partner.
  2. They hit 10-12 shots in the space in order to complete the drill. As the accuracy improves increase the the number of balls.
  3. Keep on practicing for fifteen minutes.

These three drills will enhance your technique in the relevant areas, incorporate them every time in your tennis practice sessions and you will be amazed how your game develops.