Getting Your Kids Interested In Tennis

Kids Interested In Tennis

If your child is interested in learning tennis then a great way to do it is introduce them into the ANZ Hot Shots program.

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program is run by Tennis Australia and is ideal for kids to start their tennis journey. The sessions are run by qualified Tennis Australia coaches across the country. Each session takes place in a perfect nurturing environment which promotes participation and inclusion. Each session is run in small groups where kids are introduced to a sport that they can play play for life.

As a parent there are many ways that you can get your child interested in the game as well as enrolling then in the ANZ program.

Age Appreciate Play

Start your kids with age-appropriate play, it is no point expecting young learners to hop into your next doubles game, or learn to volley at the local court. Instead make sure the activity is based all around age appropriate playing.

Involve as much fun, games, drills and skills with a tennis theme but will keep the kids engaged.

Focus On Fun

Tennis is a racket sport, but learning tennis at a young age does not always have to involve a racket and have the limitations of a set set match, or even on a full sized court.

The most important thing is to get out in the open air, perhaps take a session to the beach or a local park, there are plenty of games that you can play that will develop hand-to-eye coordination.

Take smaller rackets and a soft ball to the beach and develop some hitting skills, but always in a fun and non-competitive way.

Keep the sessions fun, and remember to keep the children engaged at all times, vary the games you play frequently to keep their interest up, and keep the lessons short.

Watch Tennis At Home With Your Kids

Just like pop stars, kids love idols. And sporting idols are no different, so give your kids plenty of opportunities to cheer their favourite players on.

Cheering on their favourites with their friends and family all around is a great way to let your kids gain an association with the game and an affinity with the pro’s. The added benefit is that the parent can put their feet up too and enjoy the family fun.

Tennis ANZ Hot Shots is not only a great deal of fun, its a really good vehicle to encourage your kids to maintain an active lifestyle. Apart from skills like agility, flexibility and speed, the program will help your children learn important social skills and make loads of new friends.