High Percentage Tennis Strategy

Tennis Strategy

Playing tennis is a mix of technique and strategy, without one the other will not work. When you first start learning tennis then everything will be about technique.

Without spending time with your tennis coach at your local club learning how to play all the required shots, than having a good strategy is really a waste of time.

In this blog we concentrate on strategy which utilises the incorporation of high percentage tennis and playing the relevant shots. The hitting of the ball with depth is a key element to every good tennis strategy.

Tennis Strategy

As with everything there are some basics to follow, playing singles tennis is a one-against-one challenge and it is important to have a proper strategy to overcome your opponent.

High Percentage Strategy

Good tennis is all about playing good percentage, this means you have to play shots with the best chance of executing them properly, cut out the risk element. This is often why lesser players can overcome so called better players, cutting the risk element down and playing percentage tennis.

Strategy 1

This strategy depends on the player having full control and command of every shot he plays. This means he can execute crosscourt, down the line and deep shots perfectly. As you get better in this strategy you can add rushing the net and other elements into your game.

Strategy 2

Reduce your errors as much as you can possibly do, especially in the case when your opponent is well matched in skills. By reducing your mistakes could win you the game.

By reducing your errors you will give away fewer points and then put pressure on your opponent to actually win points and take risks himself.

Strategy 3

Pressures of match play may tempt you to discard your strategy and go off piste. Do not let this happen under any circumstances, your mind will get confused it it will upset your whole biomechanical stroke production.

Before the game settle on the strategy you are going to use and stay with it. If you start messing with it you will get confused and it will lead to choking, this means you knew what shot to play and how to play it, but could not execute it.

Implementing this strategy will involve high energy and constant attack.

Strategy 4

If a player decides to put you off your rhythm and strategy by playing soft shots, you may have to change tactics a little. Perhaps you will have to go back to basics and play and win scruffily.

For instance negative players that just push the ball back can be a nightmare to play against. The temptation is to hit the ball as hard as you can, but this seldom achieves anything. Just keep patient, and wait for the opportunity to play a winner.

Good players know their opponents game, pick a strategy and stick to it. This will put your opponent under constant pressure and force him to make errors.