How To Focus On Improving And Not Just Winning

Tennis Tips

It is pure human nature when anybody plays a sport then the first instinct is to win. Tennis is no different, most players at any level want to win as soon as they walk out on court.

However, if you listen to your tennis coach then most of the time they are just trying to improve your game and not particularly showing you how to win your next game. If you make your priority to simply improve then winning will automatically come on the back of that.

But, if your main goal is winning, then improving often takes a back seat. This is because your whole focus is on winning the match even by playing poor shots again and again. You need to change your mindset, next time you play give yourself personal objectives and don’t fret if you lose the game.

Learn The Benefits Of Not Winning

This phrase may seem a little bizarre, but what it means is that winning is not everything, and what you can take away after a defeat can be of more use in the long term that winning a single match.

For instance if you go into a game with the objective that you would like to develop hitting the ball deeper and not keep on hitting it out of play then this is what you should introduce into your next match.

Ignore your natural instinct to hit the ball short and win the game, practice hitting deep and focus on improving rather than winning the game. Most players would just keep on trying to win games and not develop their long game, and this is the difference between getting to the next level and staying comfortable at the level you are at.

Change Your Mentality

Learn to make the correct options to make you a better player, and to separate you from the chaff. Most lazy players would play in their comfort zone and go for a win using their limited shot selection rather than learning new shots and lose. To become a champion, you must learn not to like losing but not letting it affect you.

Perhaps in another game you have the option simply to return a ball and to push a shot back over the net or going for more advanced shots, which would you choose? Most battles are won by the attacking player and not the defensive minded one. Going for your shots may mean losing a few games but in the long run will definitely improve your game.

Consider, if you keep on repeating going for your shots game after game do you think think in the long term your game will get better? The answer of course, is yes. But unless you change your mindset of winning is everything you will never be brave enough to adopt this tactic.

In summary, the choice is your own. The best advice is to play as much as you can and be brave. Select objectives in every game and practice session and learn from your own mistakes. It may take a little time but your game will benefit from this tactic. Book a court as soon as you can and get started.