How To Learn From The Pros

Obviously by watching the pro’s playing can definitely improve your own game, you can pick up tips on technique, style, how to play shots and temperament and concentration.

Even professional players have ups and downs in their careers, they too have been through many different events, injuries, personal and relationship problems. Most have come through these challenges and overcome them.

What you cannot easily observe watching the pro’s is their mental game. And you have to bear in mind that professional players do not play social tennis, every day is spent improving their tennis game whether that means working on technique, tactics, physical preparation or mental training.

Most pro’s play 4-6 hours a day, one hour for fitness and the rest for other activities. This is why ordinary people cannot hope to reach the high levels and standards of the pro’s.


Following The Pro’s

You will certainly learn to serve, volley, lob, smash, move about the court, use spin from watching your heroes, and perhaps how their technique seems totally automatic and is close to biomechanical perfection.

Watch their tactics and their decisions closely as most of the time they are instinctive and natural but above all correct.

Their physical preparation is incredible since tennis is one of those sports where an athlete needs both anaerobic and aerobic abilities and this is very hard to train for and to perfect.


The Mental Game

Most pro’s fitness and technique is close to perfection, and like the social player the hardest part to perfect and train for is the mental side of the game. The pro’s work hard on this side of their game, but the human mind is sometimes prone to distraction and can have its own agenda.

Sometimes when everything seems to be ganging up on a player, there is need to dig deep and compose yourself, have faith in your ability and persevere with your game.


Watch The Pro’s Handling Adversity

The days of a John McEnroe outburst or a Illie Nastase tantrum are getting few and far between. Modern day players now understand how much mental harm these distraction can be for a player, and how important for your game it is to stay focused and to play naturally.

The idea of watching the pro’s and paying attention to your coach whilst they deal with the mental side of the game is to learn how they keep their cool. They do their utmost to play naturally that way less mistakes occur in their game.