Roger Federer – Game Analysis


Studying footage of the pro’s playing can really give you tips and advice on how the top players manage to produce certain shots, and how they control their temperament.

Perhaps one of the masters of the modern game is an ideal candidate for this. Roger Federer is one of the greatest tennis players of all time, his movement about the court is graceful and his shot selection ideal.

A good idea to study Roger is with your tennis coach, and you can both discuss what are the biggest fundamental differences between Roger’s game and your own.


Roger is good at the complete game, it seems hard to single out one area stronger than another. But having said that most experts say that Roger’s technique is superb.

  • Forehand

It has been said that Federer has one of the best forehands of all time! He does favour this shot and will run around his backhand to play the shot. Roger plays with a rather conservative grip and he can hit with amazing topspin, can create amazing angles, and can flatten out the shot to hit incredible winners.

To achieve this he uses a variety of different finishes or follow-through techniques. Of interest is that Roger plays most of his forehands with a straight arm whilst most pros have a slight bend at the elbow.

  • Backhand

Roger regularly hits his backhand with a lot of topspin, occasionally flattening it out when he is being on the offensive. He prefers to lead with a topspin backhand in order to create space for him to dominate with his powerful forehand.

  • Slice

Federer’s slice is a perfect shot as well, he uses the shot to neutralise when he is on the defence and also to mix up the pace during a point. Sometimes he plays the slice to give him the opportunity to rush the net.

However, sometimes his racket face gets too open, causing a strong downward move of the racket at impact which results in more of a floating shot. This makes it easier for opponents to attack.

  • Serve

Roger is acknowledged for having a very effective serve, although he does not generate the power of somebody like Andy Roddick, it is very hard for an opponent to read. It is the precision that Federer has in his serve that is its strength.

Federer can vary his serve successfully with almost the same action, the ball toss is in the same location, the racket moves identically and his body positions the same.

  • Volleys

Roger’s game is mostly around the baseline although he has a solid volley and he is more than comfortable at the net. Perhaps his forehand volley is the stronger and plays it with a short motion.


Tactically Roger is a genius, his game plan is mostly based around his effective forehand. He imposes himself on the game and does not really take into account his opponent as he believes he is superior.

Watching Federer play is a perfect way to learn technique and tactics, he is the master of them both.