Serving Drills

Serving Drills

Most tennis students will freely admit that trying to perfect their serve is probably the hardest thing to achieve. Although many hours can be spent with your tennis coach trying to develop your technique it is advisable to drill as often as you can with your friends and social partners.

In this blog we look at some drills that could help you improve your serve and improve your overall game. Like any stroke in tennis there are natural physical laws at work and thus the best service actions in world tennis have many common factors.

Serve From Behind The Baseline

Try serving anywhere from 2 – 6 feet further from behind the baseline, the extra distance will help you focus more on what you are doing. When you approach the line make sure you look into the receiver’s box where you want to serve and aim downwards.

In order to hit down you would have to be to be taller and many players make the common mistake of hitting down. By serving away from the baseline you will learn to hit the ball upwards.

Use Air Targets

When practicing serving drills use air targets and this will also help with the tendency of hitting downwards. If you use air targets above the net that you aim for with your serve this will develop better technique. The targets help you to focus on the net and not in the box, this will keep your body more upright.

Service Line Bounce Drill

With this serving drill, attempt to bounce them on the service line on your own side of the net. The object is to get them to bounce as high as possible and then see just how far they reach on the other side of the net. Pronation and internal rotation are extremely important when you are developing a decent serve, and this drill is designed to help.

Disguise Your Serve

Try to make your serve unreadable, start by tossing the ball up to make a first serve then ask your partner to shout whilst the ball is in flight where he wants you to hit it. Say, body, long, or middle etc. The idea is to bring along the same ball toss for every serve you hit so that your opponent will not know where you intend to hit it.

Essentials For A Good Serve

  • A fluid and continuous motion.
  • A deep racket drop position.
  • A ball toss way out into the court.
  • A loose arm
  • Upper body coiling.

The tennis shot is considered to be the most important shot of all. It is complicated and therefore you should always practice your serve on a regular basis. These drills should help and there are more if you still find you are having difficulties.