Serving Tips

Serving is the first shot played in a game, and therefore it is the most important shot, because if you cannot execute it correctly then you will lose every game love-forty.

You must spend enough time developing your serve with your tennis coach, and constantly pay attention to it on a regular basis. Some say the serve is one of the most difficult shots to master, and it is quite a difficult motion, however the serve can win you matches by dominating a game.

Here are some tips that you can place into your training that may help you along the way.

Imagine You Are Playing Serve And Volley

Have you ever noticed that some people serve better in doubles than singles? This is because in doubles you tend to serve and volley more, whereas in singles you tend to stay on the baseline.

Good servers tend to throw the ball far into the court, making actual contact about a foot inside the baseline. This happens when you are trying to serve-and-volley more as you are aiming to follow the serve right into the net.

A trick to learn this is to put a basket of balls somewhere a few feet inside the baseline so that you automatically move forward to get the next ball.

Hit Your Serve Upwards not Down

One key aspect of the technique of serving is hitting the ball upwards and not downwards. It does feel unnatural as you are hitting the ball at a high contact point, which leads people to hit downwards. The ball does not go up off the racket, well only slightly by a couple of degrees.

Swing Upwards With The Racket Edge

Pronation is a big source of the power in a service motion and therefore it is highly important that you get used to using it right.

Pronation is better shown by watching the great players serve, you will notice that the edge of the racket moves towards the ball and only in the last instance does the racket face square up for contact. This entire motion is called pronation and results in maximum racket acceleration.

This is not a conscious movement though, it happens automatically of bringing the racket up on edge.

So to utilise pronation properly in your service then the advice is to always lead the racket with the edge. You can practice this with some shadow swings and then move on to hit a few serves the same way. Take time getting used to this and when you get it right you will know by the way it feels.

Remember the serve is a big influencer in a game of tennis, it is a way of getting immediately ahead in a game and taking the initial onus. This puts early pressure on your opponent and gives you the opportunity to get points on the board early.