Should You Bend Your Knees In Tennis

Should You Bend Your Knees In Tennis

Being taught tennis technique and how to play shots correctly should always be tempered to your body and the style you like to play tennis. The advice is to listen to your tennis coach carefully when first starting out.

They will show you the textbook way of playing a shot, and the movements that should be used. When you master the shot and you are playing regularly you will find that you will naturally adapt the technique of the shot to suit your own body, so that you play it naturally.

There is definitely something inherently wrong of thinking, “should I bend my knee for this shot?” as this will just confuse you.

Knee Bending

Bending your knee is stressed so much by some coaches that it is almost a supreme technique that will solve all technical problems. Quite often not bending the knee is blamed for missing every shot, but this is not true.

Watching some club players exaggerating the knee bend is quite baffling, they seem to bend their knees for any type of shot and if the ball is high or low. Every type of shot imaginable: serve, backhand, forehand, lob, volleys and overheads some players still bend their knees.

Perhaps you should consider that a forced mechanical movement such as bending the knee is not required every shot you make. Play naturally and if you are struggling with a particular shot then go back to basics and work on it with your tennis coach.

How To Right A Wrong

For inspiration as always it is a good idea to watch the pro’s playing. You will notice that some pro’s have an exaggerated knee bend and some do not. Some pro’s will win and some will lose.

Occasionally players come along with slightly different styles of playing that become “new techniques”. At first they are looked at as incorrect but if they keep on winning the techniques will be adopted and classed as the correct way of playing the game. Does that mean the old techniques were incorrect? Or the new ones an improvement?

What this demonstrates is that nothing is a 100% right or wrong. It all depends on the factors that contribute to make up a circumstance. So in some cases bending the knee will be correct and sometimes not.

The Biggest Danger

The biggest danger is that your mind is all full up of having to bend your knees before an actual shot is played. Going on to court with a preconceived set of shots is ludicrous, you will never know what your opponent is going to throw at you.

Never go into a game without consideration of your opponent, be flexible on how you intend to play tactically and what shots you intend to use. And this also goes for the technique you use to play those shots.