Tennis Hot Shots

Tennis hot shots

Early experiences are critical for future development and learning. The first five to six years of life are particularly critical for the development of fundamental motor skills: notably walking, running, jumping, hopping, galloping and skipping. Also ball handling skills, throwing, catching, kicking and striking.

Tennis Hot Shots is for kids aged anywhere between three years and thirteen years old. The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots has been endorsed by Tennis Australia as their official children’s tennis learning program. Since its inception in 2008 the Hot Shots program has become one of the most popular primary school kids tennis sports programs in Australia.

Utilising smaller courts, smaller and lighter rackets and low compression coloured balls that do not travel through the air as fast or bounce as high as normal tennis balls.

Fun & Easy Stages

The kids learn their tennis skills through 4 stages of the Hot Shot journey: Blue, Red, Orange and Green. All ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coaches have been Tennis Australia certified. The children are encouraged to develop at their own pace, and the coaches evaluate their progress when to move on to the next stage.

Blue Ball Stage

A multisport program for children between the ages of two and a half years up to six years old.

The multisport program is designed to develop physical, emotional and fundamental skills for pre-school aged kids. The Blue Stage includes a range of kids activities which is a great introduction to all sports such as tennis, cricket, football, basketball and t-ball.

Red Ball Stage

This stage is played on mini tennis courts with red balls that are of 25% compression. Great for children between 4-6yrs old and involves the children in group lessons that are team based. Including various games designed to improve self confidence, basic motor skills and learning how to rally in a fun and friendly environment.

Orange Ball Stage

The Orange Ball Stage is for kids from 7 to 1o years and is played on a three quarter sized court and a 50% compression Orange Ball.

The program involves group lessons for children, stroke development, individual and team based events and games that are designed to increase self confidence, rallying ability and challenges tactical development.

Green Ball Stage

The Tennis Hot Shots Green Ball stage is designed for kids nine years and above, and is played on a full sized court with a 75% compression ball.

The stage concerns group coaching, stroke and tactical development. The Green Ball stage is designed to prepare youngsters for tennis tournaments and competitions and to play in a fun environment. Physical and mental development are involved for the more advanced players through both singles and doubles play.

The whole ethos of Hot Shots tennis is to attract kids and youngsters to the game, keep them interested enough to want to come back and more importantly have loads of fun.