Tennis Tips For The Novice

Tennis Tips For The Novice

If you reside in the Sydney suburbs of Denistone, Epping and Eastwood and are looking for tennis lessons for your kids, then Tennis World North Ryde offers the excellent Hot Shots Program.

Essentially the Hot Shots Program is a way for kids to learn tennis whilst playing, and at the same time having a great deal of fun. There are also some good tips to follow for the novice players no matter what age they are.

Everybody has to start somewhere and without it definitely takes practice to become a better player. Here are some basic tips that may help you along the way.

Don’t Worry About Mistakes

Playing tennis at any level mistakes will be made, it is the person who accepts his mistakes and learns from them that will become a better player.

If you fire the ball into the net, hit the ball higher next time. Don’t try to complicate things and remember to follow the shot through, keep the ball into play and adjust as you go. You will find things will come naturally as you practice regularly.

Always ask your coach or opponent for feedback after a session, do not take positive criticism in the wrong manner, learn from your mistakes.

Don’t Try Too Hard

A common mistake by learners is trying too hard and too quickly, you need to relax whilst you play and have fun. If you try to force your game you will get frustrated and mistakes will follow, the danger is that you will start to hate the game you are playing.

You must understand that tennis is like building bricks, and it takes time to get to the next level as with any sport or skill.

Keep Moving

Tennis is also about movement, no matter what is happening on the other side of the court, always be moving, constantly on your toes.

If you stand still in any sport your muscles will start to stiffen and it will be harder to get to the ball or to stretch to a shot, you must keep on moving only if they are small movements.

Be Patient

Tennis is a lot about patience, you will not learn overnight and accept the fact. Admittedly some players learn quicker than others but the game has so many complexities it is not a sport you can get the hang of without first getting to grips with the foundations.

Later on as you progress, your technique can get more advanced, and the addition of spin can be added, or a different tactic can be implemented. The main thing to remember is to enjoy your tennis, there is no point playing a sport that you do not like like playing.

That is why the Hot Shots program has been embraced by kids, it combines fun with learning and keeps their attention honed and their passion for tennis high.