The Importance Of The Right Size Of Balls In Hot Shots

Balls In Hot Shots

For those players and parents who are yet to discover the Tennis Hot Shots Program, you are probably wondering what the whole thing is about.

The basis of the program is that kids learn how to play the game by actually playing it, and not like before just drilling and practicing shots over and over.

The Hot Shots Program uses an assortment of court sizes, modified equipment and different types of balls.

The Correct Ball at The Correct Time

Working with lower compression tennis balls when kids are young, helps to develop youngsters tennis game.

As important in developing young players is that they hit the tennis ball at the ultimate striking zone. This is normally between the student’s waist and shoulder, a regular ball will bounce higher than a low compression ball and quite often over a kid’s head. This makes it almost impossible for children to play with efficient, and a realistic technique.

For youngsters to play with a standard yellow ball they have to adapt their game which will be a false shot as they grown.

The youngsters have to:

  • Take the ball earlier and play nearly all their shots above the best possible striking zone.
  • Play deeper towards the baseline and hit the ball later, waiting for the ball to come down to a comfortable height.

Average Rebound Heights Of Hot Shots Balls

Each Hot Shot Ball bounces at a different height, depending on the power they were hit with.

  • Red Ball – 80-100cm
  • Orange Ball – 100-125cm
  • Green Ball – 125-135cm
  • Yellow Ball – 135-145cm

The slow balls are designed to have lower bounce and travel slower through the air to the correct height and motor skills of the kids.

The Correct Court Size at The Appropriate Time

Having slower balls that bounce lower increases the student’s chances of playing the shots correctly, as they would do later with a standard yellow ball. But to get a correct perspective the court also has to be the right size.

The size of the court has been adapted so it is realistic to the physique of the student. Kids under ten will struggle on a full size court, which means rallies are not common.

Proper footwork is also difficult as the kids are required to use an increased amount of paces to cover the ground, this affects movement styles to get to the tennis ball and also in recovery.

Trying to approach and volley is almost an impossible strategy for junior students on standard courts, this is because that they are easy to lob or pass down the line. Also it takes far longer for a child to get into position than an adult.

This is why a smaller court size is recommended with low compression balls.

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