Volley Drills

Volleys are slowly being phased out of the professional game due to the ever changing tactic of baseline playing. This is due to two factors, the athletes now are playing much quicker and the game has got so fast,and players can play powerfully with shots down the line it is difficult to play at the net.

A classic serve-and-volley player is one of the best exponents of tennis technique and has many shots in his locker. And to be honest watching two powerhouses standing on the baseline exchanging banging returns is a little boring to watch.

But there is still a place in modern tennis for good volleying and most players could benefit from learning the skill better.

In this blog we look at some volley drills that can aid your technique, bring to your sessions with your tennis coach and brush up on your technique.

To play the volley well you need to adhere to the same things that govern tennis technique, physical laws and biomechanics.

Good Volley Techniques

All good net players will have these things in common:

  • Be able to keep the racket head stable.
  • Having a short compact swing.
  • To have quick feet.
  • To have quick reactions.

In social tennis playing at the net well will be definitely be effective. Recreational tennis is much slower than at the professional level and players are not so good at passing down the line. Therefore if you can play at the net you can control the game.

Volley Drills

Volleys are not the hardest shots to learn, serves and groundstrokes are much more complicated and take longer to learn. For some reason volleys are neglected in practice sessions.

Volley With Left Arm Behind Back Drill

Practice hitting only forehand or backhand volleys at a time with your non playing arm behind your back. This will focus you on the racket head, and your hitting arm and will help you to stabilize the shot.

Volley V-Drill

Start at the service line and have your partner rally with you from the baseline. Hit forehand and backhand alternate volleys , focus on foot movement through the volley. After move back to the centre of the service line. The focus is once again on the feet and not the arm.

Two Players At Net Rallying

Both players come to the net and practice volleying down the middle. This is a drill to aid you in stabilizing the head and to develop good forearm strength .Depending on your level try volleying back and forth with a set number of times allocated before you stop.

Remember, don’t ignore volleys as part of your game. They will give you an added dimension to your play, and a range of shots that can give you something different tactically.