Winning Tennis Strategies

Australian Tennis

Not even the best pro will play their best tennis every time they step out onto the court, it is a well known fact that there are many contributing factors that can affect your game.

This could be anything from court conditions to personal health, sometimes you really have to grind out a result even though you are not at your best.

When these occasions arise, you have to use strategy as part of your winning formula. A strategy devised to overcome whatever difficulty you are facing. Talk to your tennis coach about different strategies you can develop to suit your game.

Make Your Opponent Earn Every Point

If your own game is not up to scratch then frustrate your opponent with persistence and hard work. Elevate your effort and chase down every ball, try and get your opponent to hit as many shots as possible so that he makes mistakes.

This is really important when you are in a close game, each point takes on a greater value, so don’t give up on any shot.

Always Play The Percentages

If your game is not as it should be, and the aces are not flowing, then it is time to start playing percentage tennis. Focus, and play to your strengths at all times, it essence do the simple things well.

Stick to your pre match strategy and be prepared to grind out a point or two, it may mean that you have to play one or two more shots to secure a point rather than going for a difficult winner.

Know Your Opponent

You might not be at your best but that does not mean you cannot win easy points and overwhelm your opponent with an aggressive game based on overpowering him. Develop your knowledge on your opponent, and know how to beat him and capitalize on their weaknesses.

For instance, if you know that your opponent has a weak second serve, then wait for the time and attack it when the opportunity, this way you can shift the momentum of the game by staying ahead on the scoreboard. It may not be pretty tennis but a win is a win.

Keep A Check On Your Emotions

Keep your confidence levels high, do not let your opponent know you are struggling with your game. If you miss an easy shot then do not let your emotions get the better of you as this will be passing on the advantage to your opponent.

Focus On Each Point

If you lose a point, gather your thoughts and start again on the next point. Take each point as a separate entity.

Don’t think of the overall match, just play the point that is at hand, then move on to the second point and so forth. Equally don’t dwell on lost points or mistakes, put them at the back of the mind.